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Heavy Duty Forged Steel Castors

Single Wheel - Fixed and Swivel
These castors are the most comprehensive of its style. The swivel has a heavy duty forged steel top plate which joins the outer swivel ring by a fully complement ball race. The race serves both as trust and radial bearing and is provided with a Nylon seal at th top and greased through a hydraulic nipple. This construction prevents downward escape of the lubricant and creates a complete grease reservoir. The press formed heavy duty cylindrical shaped side plates are continuously welded to the swivel ring to form the fork and give the best strength to weight ratio.

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Twin Wheel - Fixed and Swivel
Twin wheels give the advantages of a greater load for the same castor height with easier swiveling movement. The load is spread over a wider floor area, but because of the Differential action of the twin wheels the scrubbing effect that arises from the use of wide tread small diameter single wheels is avoided. 

The fully enclosed swivel retains the lubricant reducing maintenance to minimum. As with all heavy duty castors the swivel bearing is also available with a double ball race for greater ease of movement. 

The companion rigid brackets matching the swivel are also available or where a rocking formation is preferred can be supplied with a large diameter wheel.

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Track Castors - Fixed and Swivel
Track castors reduce labour fatique, protect floor surfaces and allow increased mobility.

These forged steel castors are designed for use on `T' section tracks or inverted angle iron tracks. The castors are heavy duty fitted with either square channelled or Vee-grooved wheels. The diagrams below show section through each wheel. Rigid castors can be supplied fitted with flanged wheels.

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Custom Build Castors
We also manufacture custom built castors with 14" and 16" dia.  wheels, sprung castors, stanless steel castors and castors with wheel lock and a 4 station directional lock.

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